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That day


Wet flowers on the wet road were telling me that today’s clouds are dark so you don’t have to. Today’s clouds are dark and sad so you don’t have to be sad today, see the sky how they’re dark and yet so beautiful. Leave the job of being sad to the cloud because sometimes you gotta leave the negativity and hold the hands of positivity. Don’t be so certain about yourself, you can’t be you every time and don’t try…don’t find yourself I say when you lost yourself completely don’t look for the same previous one, create a new self, discover yourself. If you’re unhappy, if you’re not feeling yourself today let it be don’t ‘try so hard’ to be normal.

       Saw a girl crying today she was that type of girl who used to sing and smile, make everyone laugh but today she was crying and I felt like hugging her and tell her ‘ it’s alright’ people who cries and don’t tell you the reason, it really kills me. When I was a kid I wanted someone to look at me while I cry and soothe me and say ‘it’s alright’. Children only cry when there is someone on their side, when there’s someone to ask you if you’re okay and tell you its okay, when there’s someone to tell you not to cry… that feeling makes you feel good. Maybe many of you think that whatever I wrote here doesn’t make any sense… I think that too but when you think deeply everything starts to make sense and yes thinking things deeply is a mess.

   Everything affects everything, bad or good doesn’t matter. That indie song you like the most is your daily dose of happy pill and that really makes you happy, if not fully happy but that gives you enough peace to relax your head… it doesn’t matter from where you got your peace, keep it… it’s hard to find these days. And a little word you said can hurt badly too which they said it was only a joke for them but like I said everything affects everything the boy who was going to give up his life is now alive because someone talked with him, the girl you called a slut as a joke is going to give up her life and again everything can change everything.


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