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Fear to takeoff


We are all burning inside, but the difference is some people chooses to act like they are in the middle of an ocean… they seem okay but they are not. Break that big concrete wall made up by your over thinking and regrets. No one expects heaven in the world of hell; instead of searching heaven find the muchness you’ve lost.

In relation to the Alice/Mad Hatter interaction, the word muchness refers to something within Alice — her heart, her spirit — that she had somehow lost since the first time she had visited Wonderland (taken from positivelypresent)

I remember when I watched the movie Alice in the wonderland; I was a small kid and didn’t much understand some of the words they said in the movie. The word ‘muchness ’I’ve lost that since I was a little girl and I still haven’t found that yet. In our hearts we still have that muchness in us but sometimes it hides itself, when you really think about it, in many ways we have all lost a part of our muchness. Instead of growing happier and excited we are losing ourselves in the pursuit of success, happiness we’ve lost our muchness, our spirit. Like Alice got her muchness back we can too, at least you can try. Revisit the memories you cherish the most, what makes you happy? I’m not saying to force your head to think positive. Thinking only positive will not bring you happiness.


Nobody’s life made up of gold…. You’re never fully happy, you are never satisfied. Even when you got all the money, you are not satisfied. And sometimes money is not the answer for everything…money will solve 5 problems out of 10. Every person in this world is rare but they are all same. Everyone is holding those insecurities in their hands tightly but still people out there try to touch and burst those insecurities in front of everyone. And why they do that? I have no idea and we shouldn’t give any fuck to them, they demotivate us in the nicest way that it makes us afraid to takeoff. We can’t blame others for what we’re suffering now, you are the one who’s responsible for everything you can blame that boy who didn’t loved you back, who left you hanging clueless, it was his fault but now it is your responsibility to move on, to stop thinking about that and making yourself miserable.

Our fear will take us down; y’all heard about the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ when you overcome with your fear and when the fear doesn’t kill you that’s where you became stronger. In my case I’m afraid of going out, it adds up thought to thought like such as, ‘I’m afraid of going out because there’s lots of people outside’ and adds questions like, ‘are they all staring at me?’ ‘They think I’m a freak’ ‘am I looking fine?’ What I do is refreshing my thoughts to ‘ so what if they’re looking and probably they are not staring at all there’s hundreds of people they don’t have time to look’ ‘I’m not a freak, I’m looking fine’ and thoughts like that helps me to overcome my fear. Ask question and give answers to yourself. To gain confidence you don’t have to do squads, you don’t have to put makeup; you don’t have to join the coolest group in your school… you are you and you’re the coolest. I won’t write the same old thing ‘be yourself’ shit, but I’ll tell you one thing Fight your obstacles and you will win one day.


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