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From one of those days


That day when i came back home from school i was tired of daily 6 hour school and 4 hour tuition those 10 hours I was like a walking dead and i wished that i was never born it was very foolish of me to think like that. I climb up the stairs my legs were paining and i wished my building had an elevator. And then i saw my mother waiting for me at the upstairs her face was sad looking at me her face turned blue.  The moment when i saw her all my tiredness was gone. She treated me like I have done a very tiring job, school is tough though, I said ‘it’s okay mom I’m fine I’m not that tired’ I was I really was… mentally and physically.

Going outside was always a difficult task for me and maybe this is the reason why I always make up excuses to not to go school. My teachers always used to ask my mother about me ‘why your daughter is absent today?’ ‘Is she sick?’ my mother used to get angry all the time she hears about me obviously she will get mad who doesn’t…. but maybe deep down my mom knew the reason behind my excuses of not going to school. For her my 2 pages assignment is a great achievement, 2 hours tuition was a big deal for her and she used to send food and drinks in the middle of the class for me I used to feel embarrassed because my classmates used to laugh at me because a fat girl receiving food from her mother… is a laughable thing I guess. And this is the reason why…

She is my goal. My goal is to make her happy. Sometimes i fail but one day I’ll give you everything you gave me. ❤


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