If you stay in one place you won’t get lost

We live we stay we survive… for what? we are all doing same things everyday but still feels incomplete even though we do everything to make ourselves complete because our current situations, our surroundings doesn’t let us.Sometimes i feel like staying in one place, quietly making no sound because the sounds inside my head is enough lousy. When you have a feeling of falling apart…. don’t move don’t talk exhale inhale so that you won’t get lost.

  Go solo, or go hollow.  At some point in our life, being alone is good and sometimes it’s not good because some days are worse than others and some days are better.                  ‘this will pass’ we think it will pass and usually it really does. why are we afraid of the things that will never happen?

let go. The biggest problem is that we don’t let things go, why it is so hard to let things go from our mind and body?      because our mind is cold and our body is being emptied by our emotions. We catch feelings so easily but it’s hard to throw useless things out of our life. we are swallowing unwanted thoughts everyday. 

 . . . .. ……………….. 💐🌸🐇ends here.

So its 2017 a new year, happy new year everyone… well its never too late to wish happy new year. 😅

so everyone conquer those things that was already yours🙆 be happy everyone all the people fighting with mental illness don’t let your haunted thoughts and anxiety ruin this year too 🙂 

 be confident be you    don’t let anyone steal your shine. 👮


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