Rotten Roots

The past, the history which i call ‘rotten roots’.

Roots which is rotten but still pricks you

Rotten roots are the old yellow pages of your life

A healed injury that only looks healed

Living with rotten roots,

We live in present

And future is an unpublished book…

9am morning its a new day, 2pm afternoon maybe life isn’t for everyone, 3am midnight the ‘maybe’ disappears.

overthinking feed roots which are already dead.

We want new roots new pretty flowers in our life… but we’re are too anxious and we all became a questionable human.

how you get rid of rot roots? flower root rot fused by overwatering… my root were rot by overthinking.

Anger is the fruit of rotten root. One of the roots of anger stems from the family. Angry peoole come from angry families because they learn from their role models and carry on the same behavior in their own lives, eventually passing it on their children.

But in everyone’s life God sends an angel for you, even though i don’t believe in God but i know that God will help those who need help.

And i think now i recognized the angel in my life.

causes of rot roots is hidden feelings too.when you hid your feelings, when you close yourself in a room… the root grows. Open one container of your life and see what happens.

I hope y’all understand what I’m trying to say,  what rotten root is.

images©we heart it.


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