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I never once loved myself.

©we heart it

Kinder garden, high school, graduation•••

All these stages of learning but no one ever teached us to love ourselves

When we felt sad or angry they told us to keep it inside

We never let our feelings go, childhood past miseries are still alive somewhere

When i was a little girl they told me that no one is perfect, now when i grew up they’re telling me to be a perfect girl.

But perfectionism is interior🍀

(Artwork by me)

love a person,admiring everything of that person, and loving every part of his/her body… you can do that when you’re in love, but what about yourself? why is it so hard to love ourselves?…

suffering from crippling depression makes it more hard, I’ve been in this hell but time heals everything.

everyone should know that inside a sea shell there’s pearl inside that shines brighter than those people thoughts who pushed you down.

In the story, ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan••• so we are

there’s no such thing like ‘ugly’ all you have to do this change your perspective

And about loving yourself, this is something you have to learn by yourself, don’t worry about the world out there••

People Throw rocks at things that shines and spark.



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