Series of Obstacles


Everyone has their own circumstances to deal with

Until you know the circumstances they’re in

You can’t tell people to live their lives.

Something that others can’t understand about you but you can’t help, that’s why you can’t judge people.

You endure those long never ending series of obstacles, because if you can’t do this you can’t do anything.

Sometimes you need someone to pat on your back and say its okay every things going to be alright.

I’m not the only one who sometimes feels exhausted

Everyone at some point is broken inside or going to break at any moment.

Children don’t cry when there is no use in doing so.

When there’s someone to ask you if you’re okay and tell you it’s okay
when there’s someone to tell you not to cry

Children only cry when there is someone on their side… I want someone on my side too.



We all walked by the same road of thorns and flower

At some point we all felt same feelings

Deep inside we are all same

We felt cold, we felt hot

After a long day of winter, you feel summer.

A day full of branches and thorns

At the end of the day you will surely get to see those petals of peace.

– Ailnik


pic credit – we heart it 


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